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Here is what some of the listeners are saying:

“Thank you so much for providing this interview series! I’ve felt less crazy after hearing stories from such incredible, brave, brilliant women.”

“thank you for this wonderful experience. I have cried every single day as I listen to each speaker. This is gold!! 💛 ”


“I love this series and am amazed at the breadth of speakers you have interviewed!! So many phrases and tools I can’t wait to start trying! ”


“this series you have put together is so desperately needed for the world, society, and for sanity of all the stepmoms out there!”


“This forum is really amazing. There are a lot of different ways you can approach any situation in life and it’s nice to know that even though the road to blending families can be difficult that we can all still have some choices.”


“I thought I was prepared for our situation and I walked in it with the kids first thought, but a lot of pain and things I didn’t have planned on the forefront took place…. I’m so thankful to be apart of, be informed and getting to choose new ways to see things! ”


Awesome interviews! Life-changing information! Thank you for putting this together, Nathalie


“Nathalie, I really want to thank you for the wonderful interviews. Although I’ve been a stepmom already for 11 years and being a stepfamily-coach myself, I’ve learnt a lot from the interviews. I find them so inspiring! They prove me that I am on the right path, as a stepmom and as a professional.”


“Nathalie, Thank you for this series, it has helped me on so many levels! ”

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